Make New Connection for Windows XP

1.   Click on Start -> Settings-> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connection , Double click on Create a new connection on the Left Pane,
       if you view your Desktop with Windows XP style or doulbe click on New Connection Wizard icon if you view your Desktop with
       Windows Classic style (Windows 98 style)

Windows XP Style Windows Classic Style (Windows 98)

2.  On the Connection Wizard window, click Next button.

3.  On Network Connection Type, select Connect to the Internet and then click Next button.

4.  On Getting Ready , select Set up my connection Manually, then click Next button.

5.  On Internet Connection , select on Connect using a dial-up modem. Then click Next button.

6.  On Connection Name step, put the ISP Name as INE,then click Next button.

7.  On Phone Number to Dial , put Internet East Dial-In Number (in this case, it is the number 038319069 for Chonburi number).
     The other number 038770393, 038326499 ,and dialing number for Chachoengsao provinces is 038574200. Then please click Next button

8.  on Internet Account Information step,

     -  User name : put your login name in the form (for example : abcd)
     -  Password and Confirm password : put your password
     -  Use this account name and password when anyone connects to the Internet from this computer : it it checks,
        the User name and password will be used as the default when connect to the Internet.
     -  Make this the defualt Internet Connection : It will make this connection as the default Internet connection to connect to the Internet.
     -  Turn on Internet Connection Firewall for this connection : It will open firewall feature on while this connection is connected to the Internet.

If everything is ok, click Next button.

9.  Click Finish button to Completing the New Connection Wizard.

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